Updated Weather Forecast

Love me, love my weather forecasts. Well, you can love me and my weather forecast today anyway.

Nothing has changed really since my previous forecast on Thursday, temperatures rising this week, 19’C on Tuesday, 20’C on Wednesday, 22’C on Thursday…and 25’C on Friday, Saturday, maybe Sunday and maybe even Monday. Maybe even 27’C at the peak??? Perhaps a little optimistic but certainly possible!

It won’t be wall to wall sunshine though as there is a band of rain coming across on Wednesday but the high pressure will dissipate it’s potential so it will be more cloud than rain, and rather humid.

So not as sunny as it could be – but increasing amounts of sunshine after Wednesday though I am expecting a breakdown at some point. Probably on Monday, maybe Sunday, with cooler air following. But high pressure should be nearly anyway after the weekend so it should stay fine.

However I do not rule out a heavy shower or thunderstorm any or every day from Friday to Monday. Far from certain but quite possible.

So increasing amounts of sunshine, increasingly warm and even quite hot – but potential for thunderstorms later. Then turning cooler but fine. That is my summery summary.

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