Updated Weather Forecast

I’ve been waiting all week to give you this forecast, and still I cannot have confidence on exactly what is going to happen.  I think this will happen a few times this winter.  I think you know what is coming.

Dum dum derrr…


In November?

Well the potential is there.  I would be shocked if there was no plastering of snow within the next 10 days over some part of England.  But the devil is in the detail and it is continuing to change.  Even the Met Office are expecting something wintry.

I alert you all right now to the possibility of a huge dump of snow late next week or next weekend.  It isn’t likely, but it is a significant enough possibility for me to be willing to say this.

Details, you ask?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be much of a muchness, a lot of cloud, some outbreaks of rain are likely, maybe some overnight fog, Friday will be 10’C but Sunday only 6’C as the wind picks up from the east.

Monday may feature some showers, with a cold wind, 7’C.

Tuesday, less wind, less showers, 6’C and cold overnight.

Wednesday, sunny but cold, 4’C.

It is then that things might start to get interesting.

I cannot promise snow.  All I can say is that everything has been set up.  And there is potential from different sources for unsettled weather towards next weekend – possibly a system coming down from Scandinavia.  Possibly.  Which would mean a lot of snow.

Wow – and to think it is only November!

Apologies that I cannot give you guarantees but I give you fair warning, and I suspect things will be a bit more certain for my next forecast on Monday.

I might have to do a bit more research so I can give my winter forecast, which I shall endeavour to complete by the end of the month…I’m fairly sure with December and January but February has me utterly perplexed at the moment.

Snow is the word.

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