Updated Weather Forecast

I’m sure by now you are feeling the impending doom of the cold season starting to make its effects.

I don’t really have too much confidence in exact weather predictions at the moment, it is a little all over the place.

Tuesday should start sunny but will cloud over to an extent, maybe with a shower, around 11’C – it will be chilly overnight as the Arctic blast I forecasted digs in for Wednesday, where you will feel the cold with temperatures perhaps down to 7’C.

There may be some rain overnight on Wednesday but I think most of the rain will have died out.

High pressure is then trying to build from the south-west, but low pressure is trying to come in from the north-west, I am not sure of the outcome at the moment, but I would expect an unsettled weekend.

Thursday will be less cold at about 10’C and Friday might even be back up to 13’C.

It is possible that the low pressure for the weekend might suck down more Arctic air on Sunday, making it colder.

Apologies that I cannot be more descriptive, I’m waiting to see how it pans out.  Remember – Wednesday = cold.

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