Updated Weather Forecast

I think my recent previous forecasts have been pretty much spot on, I hope you agree. I would appreciate any feedback you have, good or bad, so I can make improvements. I did see further disturbances with the low pressure to the south of the country, though it happened to dump its rain on France rather than push it up here, and it rained massively there – some areas had as much rain in 24 hours as we have had to date all year (about 30 cms which is below average).

We could do with some rain, believe it or not. We have not had much wet weather since August, except an exceptionally wet November.

Today will be cloudier, 20’C. Chance of a shower just before the England game kicks off.

Tomorrow will be fine, but cooler with a northerly wind, 15-16’C.

Sunday will be nicer again, fairly sunny, maybe 19’C.

Then next week it currently looks like it will warm up, and quite quickly, and with an increase in humidity too.

I expect many pleasant days, temperatures possibly up to 25’C, maybe a little higher, maybe not so high. There will be a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm from Tuesday onwards, though I am not yet certain how high the chance is.

All should become clear in the next day or two.

I am however very concerned about what this sudden change of warm, into cool and back into very warm air will do, with low pressure systems starting to develop in the Atlantic and a jet-stream which seems to be awakening with some vigour all of a sudden.

Maybe it is just because it is Glastonbury next weekend, but I do think there is a good chance of a deluge of rain next weekend. I’ll know more in the next couple of days but it is something to definitely keep an eye on.

I’m still expecting more good weather for the summer months though, do not worry.

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