Updated Weather Forecast

Well I promised you warmer weather for this week 🙂 Granted I also said Monday would be cold and it wasn’t really…I also said I thought next weekend could (and I did say could) be really warm but now I think I got a little over excited about what was realistically a slim prospect.

We are going to get some rain at times over the next few days but be thankful as this is what has brought the nicer temperatures. For those that don’t know, winds circulate anti-clockwise around a low pressure so if low pressure is sat to our south-west like it has been, it will suck up air from the south-west or even the south which tends to be a warm direction. But then the low pressure system wants to move across us which it is now doing, bringing some rain.

The next week will be more unsettled but good temperatures will continue and I either expect fairly moderate rain or sharp showers, when it does rain.

There will be sunshine too, but not as much as of late. Tuesday and Wednesday look quite pleasant, albeit not necessarily dry.

I’m still thinking late taste of winter for Easter though…fairly dry April, wet but warm May, mostly dry June but with some very wet short periods and not overly warm, and much drier summer than the last couple. Increasingly confident that there could be some really hot weather at times – though my confidence was originally very low so an increase isn’t too much to get excited about yet! Also thinking cold winter again for 2010/11.

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