Updated Weather Forecast

Well it has been a rather turbulent week but things seem to be settling down now.  I think you could almost call it autumnal, albeit with a slight tropical feel.

The Atlantic has finally taken control of our weather, and will push low pressure after low pressure across, which yes, means rain at times.

On the bright side it will suck up warm tropical air (from where hurricanes are formed, note), so it will feel very warm despite a lot of cloud at times…nights will probably be noticably warm and humid.

I do however think that the Reading area looks like it will miss out on the highest rainfall totals.

So in a bit more detail…

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be warm, 24’C to 25’C, but there will be outbreaks of rain at potentially any time, less so on Sunday I think though.  There will still be some sun.  It is hard to say when it will rain and when it will be dry.

The unsettled and changeable theme will continue into next week.  Temperatures will be back down to about 20’C next week.

Oh well.

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