Updated Weather Forecast

Well, I did say that it was going to get pretty bad.  I am happy with my previous forecasts, considering the difficulty, in fact I am very happy.  Don’t worry, karma will strike, I am certain to fall over in the snow that I predicted.

Monday night into Tuesday will be mainly cloudy with some light snow at times, potentially a fair few centimetres later on Tuesday afternoon, not as cold though, around -1’C.
Tuesday night may well be colder at around -5’C.
Wednesday again I see a chance of some snow, nothing too significant though, -1’C and perhaps down to -5’C overnight.
Thursday and Friday should be dry and probably sunny, but no more than -2’C during the day and -8’C overnight.

And for Christmas Day?  Well I did originally suggest mild and wet by Christmas Day but I am wrong with that.  Though I am right in that it won’t snow.  It should be sunny, perhaps cloudy later on, -2’C during the day and maybe -10’C overnight.

Boxing Day and the day after I see milder weather trying to get in, but with the cold so entrenched it will probably not make too much progress and there could be further snowfall.  Maybe as warm as 1’C.

Signs of increasingly mild weather as we get to new year but I think the pattern is set for the next month, perhaps two months, of a battle between milder weather from the south-west, Arctic blasts, and Siberian blasts, so sometimes it might turn milder and wet, but at other times cold and dry, and other times, cold and very snowy.

Plenty more fun to come this winter.

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