Updated Weather Forecast

Good evening.

I can bring you pretty good news for a change.

Tuesday, sunny and warm, 22’C.
Wednesday, sunny and warm, 23’C
Thursday, ok start but rain later, 21’C

Then I can bring you bad news.
Friday and Saturday, much colder, possibly as low as 12’C with a nasty north-easterly wind.  Maybe 15’C if we are lucky.  And cold overnight.  Maybe still some rain on Friday left over, but the really noticeable thing will probably be a horrid wind.

Then I can bring you good news…for 5 days?  7 days?  10 days?  Who knows.  But it looks very much like high pressure will build over the UK (why didn’t it do this in July or August?) and we will have a significant settled period.  I doubt temperatures will be as warm as this week, and there will probably be rather chilly nights.

A much earlier prediction was a mild (albeit not necessarily dry) start to October.  And a break-down towards the 10th with more wind and rain.  It looks quite possible.

Enjoy the warm sunshine – have a vodka fanta limon and pretend you are in Ibiza!

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