Updated Weather Forecast

My forecast has to start with apologies.

Firstly, because I didn’t do the usual Monday evening forecast due to ill health – however we are entering a very benign period of weather so I didn’t feel that it would be so necessary to do so.

Secondly, I am quite confused and embarrassed as to how I predicted Monday to be dry and it was anything but.  I really do not know how I got that so wrong.  But as the Met Office on the same day I issued my forecast, had a forecast for heavy rain all day on Sunday which did not occur, I am going to let it pass, I don’t understand where it came from, I shall leave it as that.

And that is probably about as interesting as this forecast is going to get as it is going to get pretty damn gloomy and dull.  If we could repeat this set-up in June, then we would have one hell of a glorious and increasingly hot and sunny month.

Sadly it is still January.

Friday should be sunny, cold, 3’C, -2’C overnight.
Saturday will be fairly cloudy, 6’C, chance of a spot of rain, maybe a light snow shower overnight.
Sunday will be cloudy, boring, 5’C.
Monday perhaps some sunshine, 5’C
Tuesday, maybe an early shower perhaps of snow, 5’C
Wednesday, boring shit, cloud, 5’C
Thursday, still pretty boring, maybe some sun, 5’C.

And on it goes I’m afraid.

I did originally expect winter to come back around 25th January and well, maybe it will but so far it looks like it will just be cold and dry, with possibly quite a niggly little easterly wind developing towards the end of the month.

I still do fancy snow during February but my confidence is starting to diminish on this prospect.  I also think we may see 15’C around the end of February but I am also expecting a cold spring.  March might actually end being as cold as February.  And the beginning of April may be unusually cold.

That’s all for now.

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