Updated Weather Forecast

Did you enjoy the early cold blast?  Want another one?

I cannot say I did as I am still working out how long these stupid storage heaters in my flat have to be on for, I was pretty damn cold the other night.  Now I reckon I will need to open the windows tomorrow!

We are going to get a more westerly flow over the next couple of days, so less settled but less cold.

Another chilly night tonight but we should escape a frost (it was -1.4’c last night!).
Friday should be dry, quite windy perhaps with rain overnight, 12’C during the day and not cold overnight.

Saturday the low pressure will still be nearby (there is a big blocking high pressure to our east so not so easy for weather systems to cross us), so expect some showery rain at times, and a cooler feel as the wind swings to the north again, 11’C – a chilly night.
Sunday will eventually see the low pressure move away but drag down more Arctic air so expect a cold day, 8’C or so which will feel unpleasant in the wind.  There might be a shower or two.  The wind will die down overnight leading to a frost, maybe below zero again.
Monday sees high pressure building from the north-west, so it should be sunny but still pretty cold, 8’C, chilly overnight but probably not a frost as the breeze will pick up.

Tuesday should be dry but with rain in the evening/overnight, 12’C during the day so feeling better.

From then on, I see a pattern of an unsettled but mild day or so followed by a settled but cooler day or so, taking us into the first part of November.  Wind and rain, then sun and frost.

No sign of the late October storm I was expecting in my long-range forecast.  But I don’t rule it out yet.

I think from the early to mid part of November onwards it will be dry and cold with high pressure establishing itself over us.

Winter I am thinking either colder or snowier than last year.  I am preferring the colder but dry outcome at the moment.

Spring I am thinking dry too.  Next summer average temperatures at best.

Not sure about 2012 yet.

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