Updated Weather Forecast

So is the weather going to stay like it is now?

The answer is no. It is going to get warmer.

It is a bit chilly today and will be tomorrow. Friday it should be up to 15’C, Saturday 17’C, Sunday 19’C, Monday 21’C, Tuesday to Thursday up to 24’C.

At some point after that during the bank holiday weekend it looks like significantly cooler weather with some rain should come down from the north to replace the beautiful weather next week. Currently looks like Saturday but maybe it might hold out a bit longer, fingers crossed.

But for the next week it looks pretty much like wall-to-wall sunshine – the only exception might be Sunday with the chance of a shower, which would most likely be a bit heavy and perhaps thundery. But note the emphasis is very much on the word “chance”.

Happy days, summer is here already 🙂

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