Updated Weather Forecast

OK I got the timing of those heavy showers a bit wrong, I was expecting first half of Friday, it was Thursday afternoon instead. I did however say that they would be rather potent if they occurred around 4-6pm, and anyone in Reading today, I think they could say that was quite a potent thunderstorm.

The models are showing, as I expected, high pressure to build. They are still not with me with my heatwave idea, though I have come across one website now saying a heatwave is a possible but unlikely outcome. So maybe other people have come to the same silly conclusion that I did.


Friday; Any remaining showers dying out, then fine, feeling fresh, 20’C
Saturday looks pretty cloudy, maybe a little light rain, 20’C
Sunday it could brighten up a bit, 22’C
Monday & Tuesday kind of nothing days, pretty cloudy, maybe some rain on Tuesday but not too much, maybe 23’C

From then on, I see it getting warmer and sunnier. I don’t see any substantial rain for a while now.

There is going to be quite a bit of cloud to get rid of before we can really start to enjoy summer sunshine again, but it is on its way, all is good.

By the way, I read that it has been unusually cold in the Arctic this summer. Remember this.

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