Updated Weather Forecast

So I guess you are expecting snow.  It is more likely than not, but don’t expect a guaranteed dump of snow.

Today should be quite sunny at times, 6’C, with a frost overnight, -1’C.
Wednesday similar, a touch colder at 5’C and -3’C overnight.
Thursday sees the first chance of snow, more likely in the morning, but far from guaranteed and I don’t think it will be more than a cm if we do get some.  Colder, 4’C and -3’C overnight.
Friday a dry morning but again, a chance of some snow showers in the afternoon.  I would say again a 50% chance.  No higher than 2’C and -5’C overnight.
Saturday sees low pressure coming down from the north-east, perhaps no higher than -1’C during the day and down to -6’C overnight.  Again, a 50% chance of snow but more cloud than previous days.  And a particularly cold wind.
Sunday, perhaps up to 1’C, again a chance of some snow showers and -4’C overnight (perhaps down to -15’C towards Scotland!).

From then on, I see it remaining cold for perhaps up to another week, maybe not getting back to normal temperatures until Sunday 5th December.
Any day could see snow showers, perhaps more organised towards the end of the week.
Again, I don’t see it getting above 1’C during the day or -5’C most nights.

I expect a few cm of snow in total.  I don’t expect any massive snowfalls but these tend to come at short notice – last year I rarely had more than 48 hours notice of one of the heavier snowfalls.  I will of course advise if anything heavier or more significant is expected.

Remember – the snow is likely in showers and the nature of showers is hit and miss.   But more likely to get some than not.

Enjoy…until you get fed up of it!

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