Updated Weather Forecast

I promised you a bit of early spring, and that was it.  Not quite as much, nor quite as ‘warm’ as I had originally expected – there is a lot of cold air nearby though, so this should not be a surprise.  I believe that we reached 13.4’C today in Reading which was pleasant but hardly unusual for February.

I also suggested that March would be colder than average, and it may even turn out to be colder than February?

But on the plus side, I think it will be quite a sunny month.

Friday will be increasingly cloudy with a band of rain coming down from the north-west in the evening, still mild, 13’C.
Saturday should be brighter but potentially with the odd sharp shower developing perhaps with a little hail and thunder, 10’C.
Sunday also has the potential for showers, more especially in the morning, and they may have a wintry flavour to them, 7’C.
Monday will see high pressure building from the north, dragging continental air in, it will be dry, unsure on sunshine amounts but there will be some, chilly, 5’C.
Tuesday and Wednesday will feel cold, with an easterly breeze, it will be fair, and there is a chance of a wintry shower, 4’C at best.

And the general trend from there is the weather to come from the north or the east, so, yes, expect something wintry.

March really could end up being colder than February, at least the first half of it anyway.

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