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The main reason I gained a substantial interest in the weather as a child, was the varied and unpredictable weather in the UK.  The last week and the next couple are anything but.  I would worry about boring you but as my previous forecast managed a huge 3 readers, I am not too worried about that.  However there is a small potentially interesting event this week – not highly confident but a possibility.

Anyway, for the sake of a forecast, here goes.

Tuesday, mainly cloudy, perhaps a light shower or two, 8’C.
Wednesday, cloudy start, maybe some sun later, becoming cold with increasing winds, 5’C, -1’C overnight and a small chance of a wintry shower.
Thursday, much colder with cold wind, variable cloud, chance of a snow flurry or two, 1’C and -3’C overnight.
Friday probably sunny but cold again, still cold breeze, 2’C and -4’C overnight – possibly colder if wind dies down by then.  Small chance of snow flurry.
Saturday probably sunny but still cold, 3’C, -2’C overnight.  I cannot promise it will be dry but it probably will.  Cold wind should be gone.

I foresee a week of dry weather afterwards, perhaps longer, hopefully sunny but no higher than 5’C with overnight frosts.

I did say winter was coming back around 25th January a long long time ago – though I guess in comparison to December this is nothing!

Currently looks like getting a bit milder and more unsettled afterwards, which goes completely against my long range winter forecast…oh well…bored of cold anyway.

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