Updated Weather Forecast

How hot will it get is the question…and for how long can it last?

I have little to forecast other than good weather, so I will get on with it.

Friday, quite sunny, 25’C
Saturday, sunny, 27’C
Sunday, sunny, 28’C. There is a but here as there is a 30% chance of a shower developing which could be thundery. Just one to keep in mind.
Monday, guess what – sunny, 29’C

After that, it should cool down a bit, with some more cloud perhaps at least for a couple of days, around 25’C again.

Then is a little uncertain. Now the reason for the additional heat this weekend is the low pressure I previously talked about is going to stall to our west and with the winds being anti-clockwise, this drags up air from the south or south-west, a warm direction. I don’t actually rule out 30’C on Sunday or Monday!

Next Thursday looks at the moment to be a repeat, low pressure stalling to our west dragging up warmer air but as the continent will have warmed up further, this could mean temperatures of 30’C from Thursday onwards but this is too far out to be reliable. So think of this more as the current most likely outcome, as opposed to the definite outcome.

I hope you approve 🙂

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