Updated Weather Forecast

I hope you enjoyed the heat and humidity.

I’m sure that you are aware that cooler air is on its way.

When hot and cold air masses mix so dramatically, there are usually some kind of consequences.

Somewhere, over northern Europe, whether it be the UK, Germany, Holland, Denmark or maybe Poland, things are going to come to a bang I suspect.

I hope it isn’t here, well I hope it isn’t anywhere, but it will be somewhere. I cannot tell you what the weather will be like in a couple of days as I really don’t know. I can say that I have concerns that there will be a major storm event, some kind of flooding, severe thunderstorms with tornadoes – something we are just not used to.

But that is probably more likely to occur to the east of the UK, it will be news-worthy.

I am expecting some kind of significant rain event, before high pressure builds again in a week or so.

Apologies that I cannot give you any more certainty, the outlook is changing very rapidly and is giving very conflicting answers.

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  1. i hope this does not happen in northampton – dan said he thinks the heat has gone to your head – sis x

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