Updated Weather Forecast

I think I was spot on for last week.

Those of you that follow my updated weather forecasts on a regular basis may recall that I have consistently been saying that winter isn’t quite finished.

I think this will be the case next week, with noticeably colder temperatures from Monday onwards – think hats, scarves and gloves.

But first we have a weekend to get through, with average temperatures. Friday will see showers, Saturday less showers and could be quite pleasant.

Then it is all downhill with rain on Sunday and possible Monday too when it starts to get colder.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be noticeably colder, unsettled and pretty shit really. And it might even be cold enough for snow, or at least snow mixed in with rain.

Towards the Easter weekend it will get less cold, and also drier.

I’m hopeful that by Easter Sunday and Monday it might be quite pleasant.

And then that will be the last of winter!

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