Updated Weather Forecast

Last week’s forecast of a lot of rain, potential of a bit of snow and potential for some milder weather during the middle of the week, I think was pretty spot on, I’m pleased as the models were unusually confusing.

Anyone ready for Spring? Recent years have seen snow in March. And it could continue.

But first we have a possibility of a storm on Sunday. The exact track is unknown but it looks as though the worst of the winds will be in northern France, if that is the case then we could get snow in Reading. Potentially. Certainly a little further north of Reading would.

If the storm however tracks a bit further north then we would get heavy rain and severe gales.

Take your pick.

But after that it should settle down and next week will be much drier. It might even be sunny. But quite cool and increasingly cold towards the weekend with, yes, the potential for more snow showers on a cold easterly wind.

There is a tiny hope that the easterly may be a south-easterly, and if it does then we could expect after an initial cold couple of days, some pleasently mild weather. But south-easterlies are very very rare in the UK. The only reason I bother to mention it is that easterlies are very rare in the UK but that has been the source of our weather for much of the past few months…so anything could happen!

In summary, stormy maybe snow then drier but getting colder with maybe more snow.

Happy days 🙂

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