Updated Weather Forecast

What am I doing writing a weather forecast at this time in the morning?  I have no idea.  I should still be in bed, pushing the sleep button, trying to get a little extra sleep.  But no.

Anyway in case you haven’t realised, rain is on its way.  Not especially heavy.  Rain.  But temperatures will rise to around 12’C (the peak may well be around midnight).  It will become windy.

Wednesday should be a reasonable day, perhaps a shower or two, more likely I suspect in the morning – again windy and maybe 14’C.

Thursday may just feel quite ok. Maybe 15’C, still a fair wind but from a mild direction, again there could be a couple of showers.

Friday and Saturday I expect to be wetter than the previous two days and windy still.  Again, not cold, around 13’C to 15’C with no cold nights.

And that pattern is set to last roughly until the 10th November, give or take, I reckon.

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