Updated Weather Forecast

The British weather has many varied ways of being unpleasant.  Fortunately for weather-freaks like me, I enjoy varied weather, especially extreme weather.  So I did get a little excited about some particularly unpleasant weather which over the weekend looked like it was on it’s way.

Some of you may however be pleased that it has been downgraded.

However, it has been downgraded from extremely wet and very windy, to very wet and windy.

Tuesday will be cloudy, bit of drizzle perhaps.
Wednesday will see a period of rain, possibly heavy.
Thursday might be drier in the morning, I expect more rain later.
Friday looks wet, with heavy rain probably, and increasing winds.
Saturday looks more like showers.
Sunday looks like potentially heavy rain again (this could be Saturday night instead quite feasibly).
Monday looks wet and potentially very windy.
Tuesday and Wednesday next week have the potential for more wind and rain.

It does however look like being drier later next week.

Although there have been downgrades this evening, I would not be surprised to see any of the weather systems upgraded back to something rather stormy, especially from Saturday to Wednesday.  One thing is for sure – autumn is here.

On the bright side, it will be fairly mild, and perhaps even quite warm despite the wind and rain.  No frosts, and temperatures between 15’C and 19’C for the forseeable future.

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