Updated Weather Forecast

A little bit quicker than usual today.

Firstly a mention about the weather in the southern hemisphere as many areas are having a much colder winter than average, which also matches the pattern of the colder winter than we have across much of the northern hemisphere.  I hope you are prepared for the possibility of a colder winter than we just had.

And more bad news – the heatwave I was expecting isn’t going to happen.  In fact, August is looking distinctly cooler than the last couple of months.  High pressure positions have shifted.

Don’t expect temperatures much above 20’C for this week, today maybe an exception at around 23’C but it is going to rain at times.  And there could be some heavy bursts.

Wednesday and Thursday should be mainly dry, 22’C in any sunshine but don’t get too optimistic.

Friday it could rain again.


Update for Friday, I think the rain will stay away until the evening, so Friday day-time might be quite nice, maybe even 24’C.


Apologies for the lack of detail but I actually have some work to do!

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