Updated Weather Forecast

Well, we got our hot sunshine, followed by the cold blast. It really has not been easy to predict the weather recently, for short-term forecasts anyway, there is a lot of uncertainty out there.

This weekend will not be anything special. Friday will be nice, quite sunny and quite warm, maybe 19’C which is average and will do very nicely.

Saturday sees the return of the Atlantic, with a weather system pushing rain across – we haven’t seen that for some time. So, rain, followed by showers.

Sunday should be fine but might feel a bit chilly, around 16’C. Monday should start off ok but there is some rain coming.

The weather is definitely starting to wake up. The Atlantic is starting to develop (ie Saturday’s band of rain) and the jet-stream is finally moving north and it is pretty much over us right now (I swear the jetstream affects moods too not just the weather) and the Azores High is pushing towards us.

I am expecting good weather next week, sunshine and temperatures 20’C or more, thanks to the Azores High pushing its way northeastwards towards the UK, which will bring sunshine and warmth. Also I think there is hot air from Africa about to be sucked up over Spain, some of which will then probably make its way here.

But at the same time the Atlantic has just woken up I think. And the jetstream is over us. I am currently projecting some kind of thundery breakdown around 10th June.

We shall see. I will of course keep you updated.

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  1. can you not arrange a thunder outbreak for june 10th its around this time i will be in a little tent on the isle of wight thanks

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