Updated Weather Forecast

Want some exciting weather?  Go book a holiday.  Get out of the UK.

At least I know my forecast should be accurate!  Only question is how much cloud each day, and will there be any fog?

Tonight, cold, -3’C.
Friday, sunny, cold, 3’C, -4’C overnight.
Saturday, sunny, cold, 3’C, -4’C overnight.
Sunday, maybe some cloud, ooh!  4’C, -1’C overnight.
Monday, sunny, 4’C, -4’C overnight.
Tuesday, probably still fairly sunny, 5’C, 1’C overnight if there is a band of cloud.

Look, it just carries on like this, ok?  Maybe reach 8’C next week but not certain.

Around 7th it could reach 10’C with some wind and rain, which goes against my long-range forecast of February getting colder.  But the models have down-graded this option slowly over the last few days.

Signs of colder weather for mid-February but far from guaranteed.

Easiest forecast I have done in some time!

If only it was summer – this would be 25’C and lovely!

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