Updated Weather Forecast

Ooh it’s the highlight of my day – weather forecast time.  Though I don’t really have anything interesting to offer.

The next couple of weeks, look likely to be dominated by high pressure, but wind light winds mainly from the east or the north, it will feel cool at times.  Some days will be cloudy, some days will be sunny.  And there is a chance of something a bit wintry coming from the Arctic in a week or so, but it isn’t a likely outcome, just a possible one, say 20-30% chance…it will more likely be much to the east of the UK.

Today only reached 4.4’C in Reading.

Tuesday will be mainly cloudy, perhaps some light rain, chilly, 6’C.
Wednesday should be a bit sunnier, after a chilly start to the day, still a chance of a light shower, 7’C.
Thursday should again be a bit sunnier than the previous day, and a bit less chilly, 8’C.
Friday might even be quite reasonably sunny, after a chilly start, 10’C.
Saturday perhaps cloudier, 8’C.
Sunday probably sunnier, 8’C.

And that is the general pattern for probably the first 10 or so days of March.

Maybe something briefly more pleasant around the middle of the month, fingers crossed.

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