Updated Weather Forecast

Finally the mild weather that I have long promised has arrived.  Two weeks later than I originally expected, but hey.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be cloudy, with some light rain or drizzle at times, 6’C to 9’C.
Thursday will be cloudy, probably dry, maybe a little sunshine, 7’C.
Friday sees high pressure trying to build, slightly less cloud expected, 6’C.
Saturday might be a bit cooler with a chance of a wintry shower, 4’C, but -1’C overnight.
Sunday should be quite sunny, but cold, 3’C, -2’C overnight.
Monday cold and dry, 1’C, -2’C overnight.

Then it gets trickier to work out, it does seem as though the big pools of cold are going to stay in their usual places for now, and that towards the end of next week we will see more rain and wind, but mild weather – just like the old winters.

I don’t see that pattern, assuming it does establish, sticking for long.  I do see a cold and snowy end of January.  Perhaps in time for my birthday!

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