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Well you have had your first taste of winter, now we are getting back into autumn properly.  Which means wind and rain, but also milder weather.

Zonality, as we like to call it, us people who follow the weather.

What is causing most confusion is the jet-stream, as it seems to want to dive as far south as north Africa, which to me seems absolutely bizarre, and therefore will have a strange impact on the low pressure systems approaching the UK.  Low pressure systems instead of crossing the UK may split into two low pressure systems, with one being anchored to our north-west and the other darting down towards Ibiza.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, not something I have seen before in 15-20 years or so of reading charts so I am not sure how it will pan out.

I shall try my best.

Friday is the first example of such – had it not been for the jet-stream, I think this system would have been a wet and very windy affair, however as it splits, I think it will mean rain overnight on Friday.  It will be mild and fairly breezy, 14’C.

Saturday, the next low pressure system tries to come in, but it cannot quite make it.  Its intensity dies, and gets sucked south.

So Saturday and Sunday will see mainly cloudy skies I feel, with some rain at times but nothing substantial.  Temperatures around 12’C.

And Monday, a similar kind of day, cloud, with a band of rain probably in the evening.

After that it may get milder, still with the potential for some rain at times, before high pressure sets in I reckon around the middle of the month and will cool it all down again.

So in summary, unsettled, but nothing significant in the way of rain.

There might be floods in Portugal though.

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