Updated Weather Forecast

Well that is it. Pay-back for a cold horrible winter done. Now we can get back to normal.

Some bits of rain on Thursday, rain or showers on Friday and Saturday, possibly quite heavy at times on Friday but nothing too heavy. Sunday the rain might continue though it should brighten up later in the day. Monday should be bright, with the odd shower.

Temperatures are going to take a fall too, Thursday and Friday will be no higher than 15’C, probably lower. Saturday 13-15’C. Sunday you will notice a particularly cold wind, 8-10’C. Monday a marginal improvement.

I have to say that I don’t know what is going to happen from there. I don’t think it will be hugely wet next week but I don’t expect it to get any warmer than 11’C.

It depends as to the location of the high pressure which will develop in the Atlantic over the weekend. To the north, then expect wind and rain from the west, though there will be some sunny days in between where it could be pleasant, around 15’C. Less on wet days.

If it develops more to the south, then expect an easterly wind, just like we had lots of during winter. Still a cold direction (until Russia heats up later in May), though more showery than wet.

My prediction was for a wet and warm May. Not going to start that way though.

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