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Remember that heatwave I was predicting a fair while back and then got excited about quite recently and now disappointed (if only because I am wrong, as I didn’t actually want a heatwave)…well, spare a thought for Moscow.

I believe that they have had 13 consecutive days above 30’C.  It is currently 38’C over there, which I believe beats their record temperature, the city is having huge problems coping with the heat and the smog/smoke created, though I’m not sure I have seen it reported on my favourite news channel, Russia Today.

Even Finland is basking in temperatures of 33’C.

So I don’t think I was far off the mark, granted 1000 miles or so but if the Atlantic had not started up (possibly due to La Nina but I don’t fully understand this phenomenon yet) then it quite possibly would have been us suffering the heatwave right now.  I’ve learnt for next year anyway.  Though there is more heat building which could get us for the second half of August which I am keeping an eye on.

Back to boring day-to-day forecasting which you are probably more interested in anyway.

Friday should start quite sunny but there is a band of rain on the way, for the evening and for Saturday morning, it will drag its tails a bit, and won’t have an awful lot of rain left to offer.

Saturday afternoon should improve and Sunday should be fairly sunny, variable cloud.with a chance of a shower.

Beyond that, I have to apologise but I am struggling to get any kind of certainty on detail.  Pretty much, next week will be like the one just gone, some sunnier days, some cloudier days, some showers or bits of rain possible at times, but very hard to say when, you might as well pick it yourself.  Or ask me nearer the day.

I do think a little cool-down the weekend of 7th August…then hopefully some good very warm summer weather after that.

Oh, temperatures will be between 22’C and 25’C, I don’t rule out a 27’C early next week if we get a good sunny day.

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