Updated Weather Forecast

I do feel a small apology is in order, last time I offered a 70% chance of heavy snow for today, with a smaller chance of light snow.  I feel I got a little carried away with some unlikely outcomes. Said winter storm has remained west of France, and we are getting snow developed over the North Sea instead.

And not much snow either.  I do see a little more light snow at times but we in Reading are on the western side of the snow.  And it is light and patchy.  Probably not this afternoon.  It might reach 1’C and -4’C overnight.

Wednesday I would say that there is a 50% chance of a little more snow, perhaps more likely later in the day, but again, nothing substantial.  It may not get over -1’C, and -3’C overnight.

Thursday perhaps a 60% chance of some snow showers, perhaps a massive 1’C but -5’C overnight.

Friday looks dry at the moment, maybe as high as -1’C during the day, and -5’C overnight.  At the moment it looks like a band of something coming from the west, I would guess snow at first but turning to rain.  Quite uncertain at the moment.

Saturday could be less cold, at 3’C and perhaps some light rain at times.  Again – uncertain.

Sunday, maybe some light rain, maybe some snow, 1’C.  I would also say a small chance, 20% perhaps of heavy snow in the south.

It really does get quite uncertain at the weekend so the above is my best guess.  It looks like milder air tries to push in from the south, but the cold air is so entrenched that it may not get further north than France.  And there does seem to be quite a large and strong pool of cold air developing over the Arctic which has potential to spread south in 10-15 days time – a reload of cold.

So a lot of uncertainty I’m afraid.

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