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Do I have anything interesting to say about the weather?  As I am sure you are appreciating that right now it is particularly uninteresting out there.  We were due a period of boring weather.  It all goes in cycles.  A boring, cloudy, dull phase was long overdue.

I look upon it as a chance for the atmosphere above us to have a rest, gather thought, and decide what it is going to do next.  And it will do something significant soon I feel, once it has got over its hangover, as it did get a bit crazily drunk during December.

Friday, you will not be shocked to hear, will be cloudy.  I don’t rule out a few breaks in the cloud later in the day though.  6’C.
Saturday will see a band of rain come down from the north, nothing significant, but it will introduce that colder air once again, 5’C.  Cold again overnight, -2’C.
Sunday should be a crisp, sunny day, 1’C at best.  But sunshine.  And the sun is now getting stronger, believe it or not.  Though you won’t notice that until the end of February.  Cold overnight, -3’C but not the deep cold we had of previous weeks.
Monday sees high pressure getting squashed as low pressure moves in from the north, an unusual direction, but this is an unusual winter.  Cold, 0’C.
Tuesday, there could be some snow, more likely up north or the midlands, but it could get down south too.  I don’t expect huge amounts, but enough, cold in the easterly wind, 2’C.
Wednesday, any wintryness should clear away, fairly bright but cold, 1’C, -4’C overnight.

And this is where it will get interesting.

The Atlantic is going to get going at the same time as cold air from the Arctic is ready to push down.

Any time from Thursday, more likely Friday, will see decent storm systems come in against lots of cold air.  Where they meet, expect a lot of snow.  And I mean, a lot of snow.  Day after day.

Whether this will be as far south as Reading, I am unsure of.  It is borderline.  Previous winters I would say no chance, this winter I say good chance but not definite.  But I expect some central and northern areas at least, to get plasterings of snow, perhaps up to 2 feet.

It won’t be as cold as it has been though.  And for those in the far south, it will be too mild for snow, and will be rain.

And I think come the middle of the month, mild weather will spread across again.

Ready to set us up for something even more spectacular in February perhaps???  Though the end of February may see the first daffodill.  Maybe.  Just maybe I see a warmer than average start to spring, I expect to be able to confirm that within a few weeks.

Still going for a cool but nice summer, and 10 cold winters, though this one to be the worst until 2014-15 I think.

I hope that satisfies your weather forecasting demands and desires.

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