Updated Weather Forecast

Was that the calm before the storm?

Not quite.  But it was boring weather for quite a while and now it is going to get somewhat more interesting.

Tonight is the last cold night for a while, -3’C.
Tuesday will be a bit milder, 7’C, cloud increasing during the day with some patchy rain in the afternoon.
Wednesday should start fine, but again some patchy rain in the afternoon, and quite breezy, but milder, 9’C.
Thursday should be fine, some sunshine likely and 8’C.   Chance of a shower.
Friday looks cloudy, and particularly windy, chance of some rain at times, but mild, 10’C.
Saturday remains windy, but at 12’C won’t feel too bad – unless it rains, which it probably will at some point, more likely in the afternoon.
Sunday will remain windy and mild, 12’C, again a chance of rain, especially later in the day.

The outlook after that remains unsettled, and probably a bit colder.

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