Weekend Excitement!

Tonight I am going to make my first ever visit to the Warehouse Project in Manchester, to see Magda, who is the DJ I most want to see that I have never seen (closely followed by Jamie Jones) and also Richie Hawtin.

Those that know me will know that I am not the hugest fan of track-destroying and sound-diminishing DJ software like Traktor, but looking at the videos of Richie Hawtin closing Amnesia, one has to admit that he does manage to do something pretty special and ultimately enjoyable and I am looking forward to seeing and hearing what he has to offer.

This link has a review of Amnesia’s closing party, and the Richie Hawtin videos are very well worth watching.

Then on Sunday, hopefully I shall be visiting fabric for the 11th birthday party celebrations which should be a very special day – doors open at 11pm on Saturday night and close at 5am on Monday. I have been to the last two birthdays and both were very special nights so I hope this will continue.

I have been watching Ricardo Villalobos at Exit Festival, a whole hour long set, and it is so enjoyable, and of course I love watching the strange, ultra-camp/ultra-wasted dancing and posing of Ricardo, well worth an hour of your time. Though seeing him live at fabric on Sunday would be much better!

I might even go to Mango on Saturday.

So finally, I get to go clubbing. Happy days – very happy days! I might even do a review assuming I survive.

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