I recently read in The Economist about an app where you make financial pledges to lose weight, gain fitness, etc and if you cannot prove that you have reached your targets, you forfeit your money.

I have to get serious about losing this belly so I have set myself a rule that I need to lose 1kg between each time that I go clubbing.

So before I go to Tobacco Dock on 2nd April I need to be 88kg.  For clubbing in Bucharest at the end of April, I need to be 87kg.  For tINI and the gang in May, I need to be 86kg.  And so on.

This seemed quite straight forwards a couple of weeks ago when I had got my weight back down to 89kg.

Today I am 92kg, which along with being very tired and rather grumpy means I will continue to scoff my face tonight.  Another large pile of gravy is likely.  Or maybe chip shop.  And chocolate.  And booze.  Comfort food.  So I’ll be around 93kg tonight.

The theory is that by threatening to deprive myself of some super fun times, this will result in me going the extra mile to shift the belly.  I can do the healthy eating, two salads a day, yadda yadda, but combining that with exercise is the only real answer to properly shifting the weight and it is the exercise bit that I consistently put off.

I do now seriously doubt whether I can reach the 88kg required by 2nd April.  On the bright side I have the dentist tomorrow so I won’t be able to eat much.

By the way, the app I mentioned has lots of 1 star ratings with people’s money not returned to them.  Hmmmm.

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