Westlife Are No More

As they would perhaps sing, “Tragedy!”?

What a disaster this is to the world of modern music for all they have given to us.

You may laugh but they have been important to the dance music scene.

For they used to get all the girls excited with their standing there, all dressed the same, kind of like the 4 guys next to the ticket barriers on London Underground, except that they sing together.  Or used to.

Anyway, you may not realise their importance to the underground music scene so I shall explain it.

Whilst all the girls were waiting on tenderhooks for the next release by Westlife, the boys amongst us were enjoying/making 15 minute long minimal tracks, devoid of any emotion, just excellent cold dark heartless music that we could all dance to together.

Now look at what has happened.

Go onto any dancefloor, and not only do you see girls again, you also hear vocals (I am referring to dancefloors that I am likely to attend, like fabric’s, not the dancefloors where a Westlife track may be dropped for whatever bizarre reason).

So now Westlife have split up, am I never again going to be able to enjoy a 15 minute long repetition of bleeps and clicks?  I feel this may be the case.  At least for the next few years.  Have girls now taken part of the dancefloor for themselves?

I might come around to the idea.  After all, girls are pretty and tend to smell nicer.  Music isn’t everything.

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