What Are My Plans For The Next 6 Hours?

I am trying to write the most unpopular, insignificant and boring post ever on my blog. I will let you know tomorrow morning if anyone read it.

I am currently reading about The Solutions Fishbone. Want to know more? No, I guessed not.

On the plus side I am listening to an excellent slow house set by Ivan Smagghe.

Then I shall walk home which will take about 50 minutes and is up and down hill so a reasonable amount of exercise. I may well do some ironing and/or washing at home.

I will cook and eat a roast lamb dinner, albeit no Yorkshire puddings.

Then listen to some music that I have downloaded to help with my new Top Tunes Blog (see link above if you need music), and I am not sure what else. Oh I might read some of my book on web design and a few pages of the Economist or Mixmag (I am 6 months behind).

Rock and roll it isn’t. It is Tuesday. I’m skint.

Did you actually read to the end? I promise not to write about my life until I am doing something of significance!


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