What A Weekend…

That was quite some weekend I feel.

Not only did we have the Royal Wedding, which was an exemplary presentation of what is good about being British (yes British, as opposed to English), and about the morals and the way we believe that things should be.

We set an example to the world, a global audience.  I am not yet able to comprehend how significant the impact of this one wedding will be.

And then, with the killing of enemy number 1, Osama Bin Laden.  He didn’t just attack and affect America, the UK, but also countries across Europe, like Spain, and Africa especially.  And much of the Middle East.  Australia. India.  Russia.  The list goes on of where his doctrine has had a devastagingly negative effect.

I am hopeful that both of these events can lead the world into a better place, as it has been a pretty traumatic decade or so for many people.

Perhaps there might be a bit more positivity in the world from now.

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