When Times Are Hard, Ask David James For Advice

I am copying from the BBC website here, forgive me

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Pompey and England goalkeeper David James told BBC Radio 5 live of the “frustration” felt by the players.

“You try and tell the lads that you do get paid even if it’s a week late, 10 days or whatever – we are getting paid one way or the other,” said James.

“We’re not sure if we’ve got anyone else to sell to get paid.

“The fact is we do get paid and there are other clubs with players who aren’t getting paid and historically there have been other clubs that players haven’t got paid, so it could be worse.”

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Its me again. If you click the link in the title, you will see it is in relation to Portsmouth Football Club’s financial situation.

I am commenting on the player’s financial worries. Yes, I agree with David James, it could be worse.

Now maybe because I earn roughly an average wage, I just do not understand the financial pressures on these footballers. See I thought ahead when financial bad times hit, and saved a little money just in case I lost my job (though I was always completely confident in my employer’s financial stability).

It seems that David James is saying to the other footballers at the club, “don’t worry if you don’t get your £10,000.00 (maybe I am over-estimating their wages but I suspect not) that you are owed for this week’s hard work…it will come some time”.

If I was on a wage of £10,000.00 a week , and it wasn’t paid on time, oh my what would I do?

Kick something?

Oh and don’t even get me started on his grammar.

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