Where Do They Come From?

40% of the visitors to my blog that have used a search engine to reach here, use the words “james winfield”.

There are other common ones too like “james winfield blog” and “winfield rants”.

4 people got here by searching for “sausage toaster”.  3 people searched for “bacon bikini”.

I’m quite impressed that someone got to my blog by searching for “sven vath” – just how many pages on Google they would have had to go through I cannot be bothered to find out.

Some people really cannot spell; “james a. winnefeld blog”, “james winnefeld blog”, “best james winnfield lines”, “james wilfield”, “james windfield weather blog”, “james winfild”…the list goes on.

I do wonder why someone searched for “james winfield sexual”.  Or “james winfield divorce”.  I like “bus drivers are wankers”, “rants about dickheads” and “is it me or is sky tv shit”.

Perhaps most worrying is “james winfield arrested”.  Apparently there is a town in Pennsylvania, called Reading, where someone called James Winfield was arrested for having a gun and 7 packets of crack cocaine.  Spooky.

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