Why Reading Is A Great Place To Live

Another day, another blog.

After Tuesday being possibly the most boring day of the year – yesterday should really have been the same as nothing fun or exciting happened, yet I got much more enjoyment out of it.

The only differences were finding one top tune (perhaps the main reason given that music fuels my happiness levels like very little else) and a good chat to my parents, and also my grandma.  My dad said thanks for cheering him up – which was nice 🙂

Sadly it took until about 3am this morning to get to sleep – 4 slices of toast shortly before seemed to do the trick.

Highlight of the day today will be free food.  The finance director is taking us out for lunch, about 18 finance people in total.  And buying us lunch!  I have come across many poor people in management in my time so it is quite refreshing to have someone very high up which I enjoy listening to and can connect to, and who is also very open to communication with all levels of staff.  And actually appears to do a really good job from my viewpoint.  If only all managers were the same.

Tomorrow evening I am going for drinks for a good friend’s birthday.  Looking forward to it as haven’t seen as much of her in recent months – one of the few people that will actually grant me a conversation on politics – or at least listen to me with interest.

Not much else planned for the weekend, trying to spend as little as possible.  I’m sure there will be some wine or beer involved at some point.

Have a roadtrip to Birmingham planned next weekend.  If any of my friends fancy it, there should be transport available.

Anyway, onto the subject of my blog – why Reading is a great place to live.  Our local MP for Reading West, Alok Sharma, presented to parliament a debate on why Reading should be a city.  It makes excellent reading for anyone who needs a reminder of why Reading is such a good place to live.

And this story tickled me – some woman dropped her finished and still lit cigarette on the floor, and someone picked it up and shouted at her not to throw her litter away and threw it in her shopping bag.

I appreciate my hypocrasy here given that when I was a smoker many moons ago, I used to do exactly the same.

But I am a condescending ex-smoker and all I have to say is “ha-ha”!

One thing not so funny is the likely weather for the rest of June.  I’ll do my proper forecast tonight but apart from the odd day next week, we seem very much to be stuck in a pattern of rain, wind and showers for a while.  It is the same pattern that characterised the last 4 summers, and took ages – weeks, if not months, to change.  I am becoming increasingly gloomy about the likely weather for the rest of the summer.  Sorry!

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