Women In Heels

Apparently researchers have found that men do not notice women wearing heels.

Bollocks. If a woman is showing her legs then it is likely that I will also notice her foot-wear. A woman in heels is sexier than a woman in trainers.

Whatever I say though I am not going to beat the comment on the attached story, near the bottom by ‘Timon’ who states:

If a woman is wearing a skirt (especially above the knee) then of course men will notice if she is wearing heels and will be attracted to her.

If women are wearing trousers, on the other hand, then they look repulsive and I wouldn’t give them a second glance.


May I just clarify that these are not my views.

If a woman is wearing trousers but she can name 5 Ricardo Villalobos tracks then she becomes very attractive indeed. In fact she could even wear a jumper and trainers and be very hot – as long as she can tell the difference between Fizheuer Zieheuer Part 1 and Fizheuer Zieheuer Part 2 then I am all hers.

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