Women Who Do Not Clean Behind The Fridge Are Sluts

So is that the UKIP poll ratings about to go up now?  Don’t worry these are not my words.

The Urban Dictionary gives 55 pages of meanings of the word slut.  I didn’t read all the definitions, however I did not find the word ‘fridge’ in any of them.  A couple of them mentioned the word ‘clean’ but not in reference to household cleanliness.

Mr Godfrey Bloom, architect of such enlightening views, hater of sending money to “Bongo Bongo Land” (whatever happened to Um Bongo drinks?) and somehow a sodding MEP (who the heck voted him in…oh yeah he represents Hull) is apparently in charge of UKIP’s economic policy.  I think.

One does know their policy on immigration, energy and fishing.  I have a feeling that between us, we could work out their policy on the EU.  However, it isn’t that easy to work out their economic policy (except leave the EU and go fishing).

This is what I have managed to find:

In their 2010 manifesto, they promised to eliminate progressive tax codes and replace them with a flat tax of 31%.  That isn’t good for me.  I don’t want to pay more tax.  Champagne socialists and a Tory donors would love their income tax of 45% being slashed to 31%.  They do mention all earnings below £11,500.00 would not be taxed at all, but that is only slightly higher than the intention of the current government.

Then they promised to eliminate 2 million jobs in the public sector.  Probably a good thing.  They would replace 1 million of them with manufacturing jobs.  Assumedly to manufacture guns and bullets to keep those pesky foreigners out.  Not exactly sure how they expect to just magically create 1 million, specifically manufacturing jobs, unless they are proposing nationalised industries.

Other items include building prisons, high speed rail lines, £30bn on flood defences, loads of nuclear power stations so that we get 50% of our electricity from them…all funded by leaving the EU.

That is assuming that leaving the EU doesn’t significantly reduce tax receipts, increase costs to exporters, possibly lose our foreign-owned car industry to eastern Europe – not to mention probably actually having to follow all the EU directives so we can actually sell to our biggest export market anyway, and not being able to slash them and save the money that UKIP expect to fund their new prisons and expanded defence.

There are some good policies.  Every party has some good policies.  Even Labour managed to run the economy well for 4-5 years until around 2002 when they started their unaffordable debt-binged splurge and encouraged you all to do so too.

As a Conservative I do fear UKIP.  My head does say they will only get 1 or 2 MPs at best in 2015, but there is always that concern.  They could certainly reduce the amount of Tory MPs by stealing their natural voters so Labour or Lib Dems sneak into Tory-held seats.  Though UKIP also seem to appeal to disillusioned Labour voters so it could work the other way.

Could there be a worse scenario in 2015 than a coalition between Labour and UKIP?  Wow.  I would instantly do the reverse of Michael Jackson, so hopefully they would repatriate me to a sane country.

By the way, I have never cleaned behind a fridge.  I don’t mind you calling me a slut however currently my sex life would not back up any such assertion.

You really wanted a picture didn’t you?  Sorry.

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