Woohoo, The Weekend Is Here! (Nearly)

I started writing this last night, I had an introduction that I had to write, and the title actually had the f-word in it (how often do I swear?).  But I have had a change of heart, as attitudes are infectious and the reason that I had a grump on was due to negative attitudes infecting me during the day.  I have risen above it.  I am all smiles.  Honestly.  Probably because nobody at work has yet spoken to me, except for the girl in the cafe that asked how many pieces of bacon were on my plate.  I said two.  But I had hidden the third one.  It’s the small things in life 🙂

*** 10 minutes later ***

I spoke too soon.

I wish I didn’t have to put up with being talked to like shit but until I find another job, preferably in the company that I really like working for, then there isn’t much choice as resigning wouldn’t be much good to my finances.

Anyway, I really, really didn’t want to moan or put anything negative in here as I have so much to look forward to this weekend, I know it is going to be a very good weekend. It is better than the alternative which is punching an inanimate object. Forgive me, please!

I am excitable at the moment! Not quite on the levels of Sven playing at fabric, but that was something super special. If you haven’t read my blog post about it, I think it is worth a read.  144 views so I must have done something right!

One thing I have been doing this week is finishing the set-up of my fourth blog. I think this will be the last one I do! I have had it in mind for a while – it is to list really good DJ sets/podcasts that I have discovered. Currently listed are Nina Kraviz, Seth Troxler, DJ T, Art Department, Cocoon, Sven Vath and Magda.

I listen to a lot of DJ sets every week, and I am only including the very best of the best. I really hope that I will also have one or two of my DJ friends which have a set that I want to feature at some point – but I will not be doing any favours for friends – it will genuinely be a set that I have listened to repeatedly and want to recommend to the world. I reckon I will only list 1 in 20 sets that I listen to.

And don’t forget my weather blog – you’ll like the lastest forecast, assuming you can remain patient until next Thursday until happy days are here again!  I also posted up this quite disturbing video of that most deadly tornado in America for 60 years, you don’t see much but you get an understanding of what it is like to go through it and the fear of imminent death – I certainly don’t recommend it to the emotionally weak.  I did question afterwards whether it was morally appropriate to have watched it and find it fascinating, given hundreds of people died and a whole town is flattened – but they didn’t post it on Youtube for people not to watch it, and a good 3 million have.  I cannot say that I enjoyed it but I’m glad I watched it – it’s hard to explain.

And onto my weekend plans which is the whole point – tonight my good friend Paul-Jay is coming round for a few beers.  We always have plenty to talk about, both very passionate about music, although our individual preferences are at different ends of the house music spectrum, we still have lots to say to each other, and I love talking house music.  I have a lot of respect for what he has achieved so far in his DJ and promoting career too.

Tomorrow, I intend on watching the Champions League final, and also it is my good friend Dave’s birthday drinks – I met him at university back in 1998 and found that we shared a love of vodka and despised each other’s music (Sepeltura and trance, respectively, if I recall those days correctly) so a good long-standing friendship was formed, definitely a friend for life even though our paths don’t cross as much as they probably should.

And if I have time, then another adorable friend of mine, Sam Red, is playing at a night called Groovetech at a small bar called Up The Junction, in Cemetery Junction. I am not that likely to make it this time, as I have enough committments already, but I went to the last one and there was a good friendly atmosphere and plenty of good-quality underground house and tech beats.

Speaking of which, there is only one option for Sunday, and that is a party called Elsewhere at the Afrobar (in Reading in case you don’t know). Free to get in, run by two very good friends of mine, Terry and Matt, who are both fine DJs, and someone else called Dan that I have met once and seems pretty cool. The last one had really good feedback, and this one will be even better because I will be there! You know you want to get involved – there is no excuse!

And on Monday, my adopted town of Reading are playing in the play-off final at Wembley – I shall be attending a party at the Penta Hotel in reading, along with another adorable friend, Benski – another one where I thorough recommend all to come and get involved – the whole town may well be in party atmosphere come full time, it could be a fantastic afternoon/evening.

I wish you all an equally enjoyable weekend and I dearly hope that as many of my loved ones can share part of our weekends – anyone reading this in and around Reading surely has no excuse not to get involved???

Much love – fingers crossed I make it to 5pm xxx

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