14 Things I Learnt In Dublin

I’ve decided to mix it up a bit and not do a straight up review of my trip (partly because a fair amount of it should not be listed publicly), but instead a list of what I have learnt:

1. It is particularly difficult to find an off license in Dublin.
2. Dublin looks similar to Coventry.  Or any average UK town.
3. Most guys have very unadventurous hairstyles.  Yes, my mullet received a fair amount of attention.
4. All pubs are rammed, a lot of the time.
5. Caviar is nice.  Lentils are not.

6. The Magician does not play my kind of music.
7. I did actually find some buttons in the Button Factory.  Actual buttons in a baggie – not a euphemism for party supplies.
8. One can survive on just half a pint of non-alcoholic beverage in 30 hours, and no sleep.
9. The taxi driver was most accepting of my rather cheeky request that I most definitely cannot elaborate about on here.
10. I managed to keep my one-weekend-only ADHD symptoms under control.
11. The women of Dublin are surprisingly hot – but in a more approachable, friendly way as opposed to a look at me aren’t I so beautiful way, adhered to by a fair proportion of women in the south of England.
12. Speaking of friendliness, the people of Dublin are fantastic.  The absolute highlight of my trip.
13. Port is a useful drink at 10am, once you have given up on the idea of sleeping.
14. Irish music is still annoying.
15. I have some amazing friends.  Actually, I already knew that.

I thoroughly recommend Dublin if you are looking for a good time with great people.

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