2 Years Of Blogging & My Prize Is…

I should really have written this nearly a month ago as I started blogging at the end of January 2010 but I was so disappointed not to have been nominated for a bloggie that I almost quit blogging.

I have 6 blogs, yes 6 of the buggers, and not one nomination.

I don’t care about winning (yeah right) – I just want to be nominated.

Anyway, all is not lost as I have just made it to 50,000 page views.

Quite a feat I think, however many of these views, probably about half of them, come from being the number one search for “Cheryl Cole upskirt” on Google, and I am not sure that is what I came into blogging to do.

So much so that I am half tempted to delete said post, as it feels such a distortion of the figures – advice would be appreciated.  Do I?  Don’t I?  This week it has so far had 2,188 views.

Most of my posts get about 25-30 views (which is still a very healthy amount in my opinion – any more than 10 then I am happy).

Anyway, happy 2nd birthday to my blog.  Long may it continue, at least until someone takes legal action against me.


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