2018 Goals

I have goals.  I started thinking about them in January and finished some point last month.  In no particular order of priority, bar the top 2.


Lose Weight.  Shock horror, this is here again and my number one goal.  Last year I started at 90kg and aimed to get down to 82kg.  I finished at 96kg.  This year I start at 97kg and want to get down to 85kg.  And next year, no doubt, I will be aiming to get down to 90kg or something fuckwitty like that.

3 Month Detox.  No alcohol and limited red meat for 3 whole months.


Get a match on Tinder.  I last had a match on Tinder in 2016.  I’m not even targeting a message response or even a date – just a match.

Go on one date.  Fuck knows how I’ll get said date, but go on one date.  I managed it last year.

Go speed dating or something similar.  Maybe I’ll go play Dating Cards of Humanity or something Shoreditch-twatty like that.

Explore London/UK

Go to a new cricket ground.

Explore a UK city.  Spend a weekend in a UK city that I don’t feel I have fully explored.  Oxford has been mentioned.

Go to 3 major tourist attractions.  Doesn’t matter which ones – Buckingham Palace, Blenheim Palace, British Museum.  As long as they are new to me.

Go to one castle/palace/stately home.

Go to 20/20 cricket.  I keep saying this every year that I am going to go to a 20/20 game.  I live in London, Lord’s is on my way home, my sister is up for it – there are two cricket-mad guys at work who are going.  There is no excuse this year.

Explore The World

Go to one of my top 20 want to visit places.  This is a list that isn’t published, but I will eventually get around to publishing it.  Yes I write even more that I don’t publish.  Yes I did write last year that I needed to publish the list.

Go to a random country.  You know, random country generator.  When I find someone game, the plan is for 6 countries to be selected – and the most realistic one chosen.

Go to 4 new countries.  1 is booked – 3 I need to decide upon.


Increase my earnings.  Either by a pay rise or through doing some freelance work on the weekend.

Learn AngularJS.  I have to do this for work.  I’d rather be learning React or Vue, as AngularJS is seen as more difficult and will become obsolete (ish) in due course.  It’s a JavaScript framework, by the way.

Launch at least one AngularJS app.  Maybe I’ll do something new, or maybe I’ll just re-code a current website, but I want to have produced one AngularJS app this year.  I’m thinking that a 20/20 cricket scoring app might be interesting and the right amount of challenge.

Launch Sunshine Design.  This is my half-built Sunshine Design website which is going to be my agency if I ever get around to it.  I’ll probably just do a simple website first before I finish this – it needs clouds, birds, trees – all kinds of pretty stuff.  Something else also on last year’s list.

Spend Money

Give a minimum of £5 to charity every month.  This may not sound an awfully large amount – I don’t have huge volumes of spare cash.  But the point is to get me thinking more about different charities and their work.

Replace my phone.  I think I’ve decided upon the OnePlus 5T.  My current phone is less coherent than Brexit, and takes longer to decide what it is doing than Theresa May does.  I’m buying it outright as it saves a lot of money over the long-term.

Buy at least one vinyl a month.  Maybe my DJ career is over, but I love music and want to buy more of it – I am aware that I have a couple of illegally downloaded tracks on my PC, so I’m going to ensure I buy minimum one vinyl every month.  I still buy CD albums by the way – I spend way more on music than the average person.

Increase my savings by 50%.  I don’t have much savings, nor do I have much income.  And I certainly have no idea how I will achieve this.  Nor do I even know what I am saving for.


Start Moorgate Munching – a blog/Instagram page for food around where I work.  I’ve half-started this, bought the domain name, half-written two blogs, but you guessed it – not published them.

Fame from Roast Dinners in London.  I want fame.  Actually, I don’t – there is a reason why I am anonymous for Roast Dinners in London.  But I want the blog to be widely-known, widely-acknowledged – even if it is widely-condemned.

Maybe start another blog.  I have ideas, but guess what I don’t have?


Find out if I am still a Tory.  It is pretty difficult nowadays to support the Conservative Party, given Brexit, given the wrong-headed direction of government and the utterly useless, uninspiring Prime Minister.  Alas, it is a bulwark against socialism and the nasty, vile, bullying types that the far-left attracts.  But, am I still a Tory?

Decide if the DJ dream is still on or not.  Well the dream isn’t on, but decide if it is worth pushing myself as an occasional DJ.  I’m never going to be as good as other DJs, I accept that.  I do think that I have a story to tell, but I’m not sure anyone is that bothered about it.

Read less.  Many people should read more – the internet is full of people that know fuck all (and think they know everything).  Yet I read far too much.  I enjoy reading and finding out stuff – I must find a way to curtail my thirst for knowledge as I simply don’t have the time.

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