Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghh – Too Much To Do!

I woke up this morning after a broken but reasonably long sleep with absolutely no inclination to go to work, or even to get out of bed, only to discover that my earphones have broken, which seems to happen every 6 months even though they are Sennheisers which I thought were supposed to be good quality, I am starting to panic about moving house in just 10 days time as we all know how crap I am at moving house and also starting to worry about whether Free House project will be a success on Saturday, though perhaps mostly because I feel so disorganised musically as I do not think I have enough tracks (this is bullshit, I have more than enough) and I certainly have not practised enough (this is true) and have no idea when I will get time before Saturday to do so. Of course I had plenty of time the last few days but I spent the weekend procrastinating.

Of course everyone on the commute this morning was an arsehole, that and me having to rush to make sure I was not late for work.

I am now like “how the hell am I going to get time to do everything”.

So slightly stressed. It is mostly because of the house move. I guess Free House Project will mostly take care of itself with a few reminders to the special people who might be attending. And most of my clothes don’t fit me which would usually be just an annoyance but what am I going to wear in Ibiza?

I guess as long as I can find a man with van and flat cleaners, for a reasonable price, then I will relax more. Any suggestions? And I have 3 days off work and a weekend (albeit I am probably/hopefully going to fabric) to pull off the move so it isn’t too bad. But will all my stuff fit in my new place? Will I be able to throw anything away?!

I just hate moving.

Talking about things I hate, my office is about 1,000’C. It is hotter than Vanessa Feltz’s backside after curry and exercise. I know there are lots of people out there who would love to be working right now who are stuck with nothing else to do other than watch Jeremy Kyle, however would you want to work in Vanessa’s backside?


Maybe I just feel like a moan. I’ve had an extra day off and all of a sudden it feels like I am returning to work after 6 months off. My to-do list is ridiculous, starting with a meeting with the estate agent tonight to discuss the handover of the flat.

Clean bathroom
Buy earphones
Download tunes
Burn cds
Download new DJ sets for ipod
Buy T-shirts for Ibiza
Buy Socks
Buy sun cream
Send bills to landlady
Pick up keys for new flat
Book Removal van.
Book Cleaners
Find some boxes
Notice to Virgin, water and council tax, cancel dds
Economics blog (yes I guess this could wait!)
List of future DJs for FHP
Promote FHP
Practice DJing
Burn cds

Where to start?

I think I shall have some more sleep.

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2 responses to “Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghh – Too Much To Do!

  1. james you are ridiculous! your list is full of random shit that you can do anytime with no real planning (buy sun cream etc.) but you havnt even listed packing or organising stuff and i doubt you have lifted a finger to start yet. you might as well not bother booking a van until you know your ready to move, or all they will be taking is you and your ipod with no headphones.

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