Ahh, Sweet Reality

I came back from Ibiza in a good mood until I stepped back into Bracknell on Monday, and wow, miserable wasn’t the word. I could feel it in my body, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I am quite surprised that no customers commented on the miserable tones coming from my mouth. And it was written hugely on my face.

Thankfully I soon recognised that these feelings were totally irrational, as I have been to Ibiza! And others in the world do not even have clean drinking water.

I would like to thank myself, my family and my friends for ensuring that I have a life that allows such blessings, and the pot luck draw of place of birth.

This week has been the first full week of work I have done for a month and it has actually gone quickly.

I am finally going to have a chilled one this weekend, which is a relief after the last month of moving house, Ibiza, fabric twice and Free House Project. I do have two short social engagements planned but both will involve apple juice only. I am really looking forward to spending some time sorting out my new house, maybe some blogging, researching new tunes and doing some more work on my website (which is nearly finished, in terms of design anyway, it mostly just needs content and launching). And lots of sleep and maybe a nice walk, speak to my parents, hopefully my grandma – you know, nice stuff. And gravy.

This does mean that I will miss a good night out in Reading on Saturday, by very good friends, JP, Martin and Tim which I enjoyed very much last time. Normally my attendance wouldn’t be in question but I require the rest and need to save money for a winter coat too.

It has my seal of recommendation.

Today isn’t all sweetness and light though, as it is the funeral of a young lady called Heather that I cannot say that I knew especially well, but what I did know was the huge amount of energy, vibrancy and fun that she would bring to a room, she could instantly light up proceedings in a very special and unique way. It is the mark of just how wonderful she was that someone like myself that more knew of her (as opposed to knowing her well as a friend like many of my friends did) can be saddened by her untimely passing, and I hope today is as pain-free as possible for those who knew her well.

I feel blessed for those short occasional moments that she brightened up my life and she will never be forgotten.

The reality of how fragile this thing called life can be.

I would prefer not to end on such a sad note if you don’t mind so I will share with you a DJ that I just cannot get enough of. She is Loco Dice’s protégé so comes highly recommended, she is from Germany and is called tINI.

During the Ibiza season she did a weekly radio show and she really has a unique style of underground house.

My particular favourite is the one from July 12th, it fits the mood of today as it is emotive underground house, it is somewhat sad but yet uplifting, rather minimal at times with moments of surprise, amusement, obscurity and downright hot Ibizan sexiness.  Seriously – the track at around 38 minutes…something else…I feel like I am about to spontaneously combust.

Only Ricardo I hold in higher regard right now in terms of music that is doing it for me.

Take care folks, and enjoy life.

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