And That Was 5 Days Off

I’ve just had an extended 5 day weekend.  I had 3 days of holiday left to use by the end of March, so I was waiting in the hope that there would be some nice weather at some point.  Hence I ended up having to book the last 3 days off.

It was timed quite well as I was a miserable sod last week.  I had a rubbish night of sleep on Sunday night then I was kept awake until the early hours on Monday night then Tuesday I was just in a foul mood, propping myself up with Red Bull, cakes, chocolate, sausage rolls, then before you know it I had put most of the weight on that I had lost on my detox.

And there is one way to guarantee a foul mood and that is for me to have put weight on.  Especially when it is of my own doing – ok nobody force feeds me sausage rolls, but this was just blatant eat-as-much-as-I-can because I was pissed off.

So I needed a break to press the reset button and return to a positive psychology.  Which I have done.  Well, except when Morrisons had no sausage rolls this morning.  And neither did Sainsburys.  And then I had to queue at the Cornish Pasty shop.  And then the ticket machine.  Then the only seat on the train was next to the toilet.  So I could smell toilet cleaner when eating my bacon and sausage sandwich that was absolutely unnecessary.  Which made me feel tired so I bought a Red Bull.  Then came to work to find out that my fridge yoghurts with another week left in date had been disposed of.

And then I opened my inbox.

I am happy.  Honest.

April 1st is the birthday of two of my absolute favourite people in the world.  I know I have a lot of people that I am dearly affectionate of but these two are particularly close to the heart.

And speaking of people close to the heart, I get to see my family tomorrow night which I am starting to become rather excited about.  And I get to eat real fish and chips.  Proper chip shop fish and chips.  Unless you are from a fishing town, you simply won’t understand.

I didn’t do much with my time off.  I had no money so there wasn’t a lot to do.  I spent a lot of time studying.  Sometimes when I am studying, I wonder how much I am actually achieving.  I read a lot, and some of what I study has tests – such as the excellent Khan Academy.  For those of you considering voting Labour then they have a course on Economics which I can recommend to you.  For those considering voting Green Party, then there is a course on basic maths.  And for those considering a vote for UKIP, there is a course on how the history of the World Wars.

And I was at a little house party on Saturday night and spoke to someone I have known for years who works in the industry and he gave me some very pertinent advice – stop studying and start doing.  I immediately took him up on his advice, how proactive of me!

You may remember my old DJ website.  Or perhaps not.  Well it looks dated and, well, cheap.  It was the best that I could do at the time with the knowledge that I had, however I should be able to do much better one year on.

And this is version 2.  It is only 40% complete.  Much of Monday and Tuesday were spent designing the menu systems – now I have to work out how I am going to display the information from the menu options.  And make some kind of main display of my name and latest news.

So still quite a lot of work to do but I am really happy with my progress in terms of what I can actually design now.

I think it is a vast improvement in a year – I hope you agree.

The other main achievement was a new DJ mix.  I would have uploaded it last night were it not for Virgin Media’s incompetence.  So it will be uploaded tonight.  It is dub techno.  A different sound – that kind of 11pm fabric sound.  Please do consider following me, if only to take pity on me.

It is my can I play at fabric now mix.  Actually I’m not deluded enough yet.  Some of the mixes could have been tighter – one of the mixes the levels were way off.  But overall I think it is a good mix, very underground with no tunes whatsoever.

I don’t recall doing much else.  It wasn’t really a holiday.  Nor a weekend.  It was a continuation of working, just from home.

I am happy to be back around people, that is for sure.

Please also find enclosed a picture of an old bridge.

Because it looks nice and more people read my blog when there is a photo.
I bought a bike pump too so I can ride my bike.

April Fools!!!!  Or is it?
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