Art Department & Others @ fabric, 8th October 2011

Another weekend and another trip was required to fabric.

It really is becoming like a second home now, I have lost count of the amount of times that I have been this year, and I think that is quite good going for someone who doesn’t live in London.

There are so many good things about a trip to fabric, the music, crowd and sound-system are quite obvious (I hate that word as whenever anyone says something is obvious, it is rarely actually obvious, but cannot think of a better one right now, sorry), but it is when I get to introduce someone special to the club and see their smile on their face that really does it for me – I lose count of how many people I have introduced to the magic of fabric – my work is still not complete.

There are other clubs that I love both in London and elsewhere, but I am in love with fabric – and if I am going to see a DJ/producer for the first time then I try to make sure it is in fabric.

This Saturday was no different, probably my favourite producer of 2010, Art Department, were DJing, and Maceo Plex was performing live, one of my favourite producers of 2011, perhaps my favourite.

I did get a little over-excited on Saturday afternoon and by time I met my lovely new dancing partner at Reading station later in the evening, I was totally lacking sobriety and awareness…clearly proof of my supposed intelligence?!  Thankfully I normalised by time we got to fabric.  In fact by time I had a pint of Fruli poured at the pre-fabric haunt, The Castle.

A few of my other favourite people in the world were also at fabric, some expected, some unexpected, more reasons for an excellent night.

It seemed really misty and gloomy inside fabric, and it went well with Art Department’s moody gothic house music, it was really dark most of the time in atmosphere, and I loved it.  I was so impressed with them – I knew I would be.  And they really got the best out of the fabric sound-system like few people know how to do.  Some of the music played seemed so well-mastered, I cannot over-state how impressed I was.

I far prefer DJ sets to live performances, it is just my preference.  That is not taking away anything from really good live performances, and Maceo Plex did an excellent job.  Quite interesting to see someone do vocals too live, as well as performing the usual elements of house.

Finally in room 1 came the over-excitable Damian Lazarus, and I didn’t especially connect to his music.  It was ok, but I just preferred Art Department.  A lot.

A trip to fabric is not the same without at least a few minutes homage to Craig Richards, so we spent a good 30 minutes in room 2, and he was playing techno – not Sven style techno, or Berghain style techno, but a unique Craig Richards style techno.  And unlike the packed room 1, there was lots of dancing space which is quite refreshing.

Left earlier than usual at around 7am, as I wasn’t feeling the music by then but was up for a little sesh after which was possibly more enjoyable than fabric – and fabric was amazing, as always 🙂

Musically, I preferred the previous night I went to with Danny Daze and Jamie Jones, but only by a little bit.

Next I really want to go to the birthday on 22nd October.  If anyone hasn’t been to a fabric birthday, then all I can say is that it is even more special than a normal night!  Ricardo is playing and I have a craving to see him, also Lee Foss and Soul Clap are playing, oh and Droog and Richy Ahmed, and many, many others.

I don’t have a committed dancing partner yet, and given my increasingly decreasing funds and lack of job, if I don’t get a committed dancing partner then I may decide to live without, as sad as that sounds, sob!  I don’t mind going by myself, but it isn’t quite the same as sharing the experience.

Roll on a “quiet weekend” this weekend.

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